Remote Field Payroll Software

  • RFP 4.0 Installation Instructions

    Click HERE first. A pop up should show up and you must select Run to install the software. You may see a black screen for a few minutes after you click Run. This is normal as the application installs itself.

    If you were running RFP 3.0, your WebStart is 1.5, and you may simply click on RFP Release 4.0 On Site Client to download the client.

    If your Java WebStart is not 1.5, you will need to install it first.

    If you are unsure about the version of your Java WebStart install, contact your SupportNet Advocate.

    If you need to install it, click HERE to download the file to your computer:

    Once the download is complete, run the program by double-clicking it. Once it is installed, you may need to reboot.

    After this is installed, click on the link below to install and/or run the client :

  • RFP Release 4.0 On Site Client

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